Thursday, August 09, 2007


More Weight Loss

I am now at 119. I have regressed a little on eating out. I had a few margaritas, some really good Mexican food. Still, I lost weight. Amazing. The weight loss is slow, but I am still amazed.

I am not weighing myself every week. I think I will do a check every two to three weeks. My clothes are fitting looser. They don't hang as well and look a little frumpy.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Lost A Few LBS

Going into the company exercise room, I hesitated weighing myself. I thought I have lost about 2 lbs. When I weighed myself, I had lost 4 1/2 lbs for a weigh in of 122 1/2lbs.

The work week last week wasn't difficult, but the weekend was excruciating. Scott is eating what I make, but he still chooses to stop at the fast food places on our way to and from the bay house. I refuse to eat the salads those places have because I am really bored with them. One more week to go on phase 1.

I am glad to be back in the office at work because the gals I work with eat very healthy and love to exercise. I am not into exercising yet, but quicker weight loss goals may help prod me to go walk a few miles a week. They don't know I am trying to lose weight and eat healthier, but their habits are helpful in encouraging me to lose weight.

By the way, eating healthy is expensive! Especially when fast food specials are not an option or my weekly meals of mac and cheese or spaghetti. Mmmm...spaghetti. I have to go think of something else to do because my mouth is watering.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


South Beach Phase 1 - Day 1d

Weight: 127 Height 4ft 9in BMI: 27.5
-- (ideal Weight 115 with a BMI 24.9)

Breakast: 1 large mug of coffee with half and half and 3 tsps of Splenda. I know this doesn't count as breakfast.
MidMorning Snack: Nothing
Lunch: tomato,mozzarella, olives, and vinegarette type of salad which I bought at the grocery store deli. Cucumber, tomato, onion with vinegarette salad. which I bought at the grocery store deli. Small can of albacore tuna. No soda. Only water. I had to throw away the majority of tomatoes because there were more than I should have in one serving. Also, I drained the vinegarette dressing out of the containers because they were drowning the vegetables.
MidAfternoon Snack 1 : 1 1/2 celery sticks with a wedge of light Laughing Cow Swiss spread.
MidAfternoon Snack 2: When I got home from work, I was hungry. So I ate a small dill pickle and 1/w celery stick with Laughing Cow spread.
Dinner: poached salmon and sauted squash. It was actually quite good. Scott doesn't like squash, but commented he did like "this" squash recipe.
Evening Snack: sugar free Jello cup with a teaspoon of light whipped cream topping.

I know, I know, 12 pounds doesn't seem like a lot to lose, but it is a significant amount of weight for a short person to lose. Basically, loosing 12 pounds will take me from a size 12 petite to probably a size 8 petite.

Monday, July 09, 2007


Progress Report

Before & After remodel of piling columns

The Bay House:
Scott, my dad, my uncle and a friend of the family have been working on the first floor patio area covered in cement board. Originally it had greenback board (yes, which is an interior product) used on the ceiling part of the patio. Also, the pilings are getting covered in cement board. The pilings have creosote (hazardous black tar) weeping out of them. The previous owner just painted over them. How many coats of paint can you put on? We just decided to give them a fa├žade with cement board. From the picture, you can also see we have a new roof color. We had the roof replaced about a month ago.

Adoption: We are almost at our 14 month LID anniversary. We let our fingerprints expire. We now have to renew our I-600A (what ever it is called) before September 30th. However, we need to get a new home study done before we set it up and go get our fingerprints redone. We will have to pay for the fingerprints, but may not have to pay for the I600-A renewal. Since the free renewals are a new policy, there is some confusion whether you pay for a I600-A if you let your fingerprints expire. Good grief!

We are speculating we will get our referral around December of 2008. Which is 2 1/2 years after LID.

Recent Book Read: Portrait in Sepia by Isabel Allende. It was an okay book. I am thinking of reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire next. I have had the paperbacks of this series for years and have only read the first two. I probably won't get a chance to read the book until September when I take a week vacation.

Recent Movie: None. We are too tired when we get home. However, we buy a lot of $5.50-$9.00 DVDs and take them to the Bay House to watch. Which is good considering we only get two TV channels which are snowy.

Other things: I will start the South Beach Diet on Tuesday. My sister-in-law is an endocrinologist and she read the book. She said she would advocate me being on the plan, but gave me a stern lecture about seeing my doctor and exercising along with the diet. She said (and I have to agree) she hates diets. She said for me to look at it as a life change.

I have gained quite a bit of weight in the last year. Since I am only 4ft 9in in height, any weight I put on is significant. Which makes losing weight painfully slow. Losing weight on a person 5ft 5in is different than a person really short. I am going to weigh myself today, but I won't do another weigh in until I finish Phase 1 which I plan to do for 3 weeks.

I have been on South Beach before, but I quit during Phase 1 in week 2 because my moods swung dramatically. I am not sure why. But one moment I would be sweet and the next moment I would be spitting nails. Literally Doctor Jeckel, Mr Hyde. Also, I was extremely tired. I slept fine, but I was exhausted by the end of the day. I may not have been eating enough. This time I am going to drink a lot more water and fill up on the filling foods like salads, vegetables and get enough lean protein. I also have been planning to get on this type of life change by studying recipes and changing how I cook.
I don't think it will be hard to miss the white bread and white pasta because food manufacturers have made vast improvements on whole wheat products.

Scott said he would do the diet with me, but to not criticize him if he chooses to go get a hamburger for lunch. The thing I don't plan on doing is baby sitting his meals. He sometimes wants me to cater to him especially during lunch. If I make a sandwich, he wants me to make him a sandwich. But if he had sandwich material within 3 feet of him in his office refrigerator, he would NOT do it. I haven't been able to figure out that mystery. Very strange behavior. I barely can muster the energy to make my own lunch in the morning, let alone my own breakfast. It takes a lot of effort to make an extra plate! Okay, I guess I should change my attitude considering our little one will need to be taken care of. Scott is actually worried about us having kids because he sees that I have a black thumb with the plants and the dogs would probably go hungry and die of thirst unless they knew how to get my attention at the feed and water bowls. Scooter will whine at his water bowl and paw at it. If that doesn't work, he will follow me around the house and stop at the bathrooms or kitchen, then stand on his hind legs and stare at the sink faucets or get into the tub. He is only 6 inches tall!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Weekend House Remodeling

Scott and I are about to start remodeling the weekend house. It has been a hassle getting quotes for jobs because everything down there moves at a snails pace. Also, folks who don't want a job don't bother to call back with estimates. Then to complicate things, there are not many people to choose from. We have been working on getting estimates since December. It is even more frustrating than the adoption wait!

However, next week we hope to get a new roof put onto the house. We are waiting for a quote for a deck and new windows. We also need a new septic system, but can't put it in until an electician gets back to us with a quote. Such a vicious circle. Well, the task of getting quotes is up to Scott. I got tired of it and I suspect he didn't think I was doing a good job because we couldn't get anyone to show up to get quotes. Now, he feels my pain.

(WHAT IS UP WITH THIS BLOGGER?? I can't find the buttons to make bold and underline text! I'll have to check my settings. I don't remember making any changes. FIGURED IT OUT. I have the most up to date version of Firefox. Switched to Internet Explorer, now I see the usual page. Very strange. I wasn't even able to save an entry in Firefox. Thank goodness I pasted it to a notepad. )

Well, Scott and I decided to pull up carpet in the "very" small hallway. SEE PICTURE ABOVE. So, we had to tear out the old tile. Turns out the people who owned the house really give home improvement ingenuity a new meaning. The house was built in the 70's and particle board was popular to be used as an underlayment for carpet. I think? Since the house is in a humid area and more than likely has suffered hurricane damage in the past, the particle board swelled and warped. So, they really wanted to put tile in the bathroom and the hallway. Instead of replacing the particleboard flooring, they instead nailed wire mesh (which is used for stucco) on the floor and then used grout to float the floor and leveled it. Then layed down the tile. The problem is the floor expanded and contracted which caused the grout to crumble. It tooks us nearly 2 hours to pull up an area smaller than 30 square feet. We had about 150 pounds of grout, wire mesh, and tile put into 8 contractor sized garbage bags. I can't believe that much material came out of such a small area.

The bad news is it looks like we eventually have to pull up all the flooring and replace the particleboard with plywood. That would explain why we feel the floor is bumpy underneath the carpet. Scott isn't look forward to pulling up the tile in the bathroom. It has the same flooring as in the hallway. It will probably take a whole day to pull up the floor.

Our goal is the have the house renovated by mid-November. Scott and I made an agreement that after Father's Day, we will have no guest over so we can concentrate on the projects we are going to tackle ourselves. However, we still want to have time to go out on the boat. So our rule is work hard on Saturday and have fun on Sunday.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


1 Year LID anniversary

Well, we officially hit the 1 year mark a few days ago. They day came and went without any ceremonious events. Honestly, it just slipped my mind. If we were close to receiving a referral, perhaps I would have marked the day with a cake or going out to eat.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Happy Mother's Day all the moms and waiting moms.

Well, lunch was a success except only mom showed up. My step-dad and grandfather were in a mood and decided to stay home. So, I have a lot of food leftover. So, I had to freeze most of it.

The ice cream turned out great despite of how I originally thought it would turn out. It was really delicious and smooth. No more buying ice cream. Unless it it one of those urgent "time of the month"-"can't wait, have to have it now" moments.


Cooking Up A Storm

Do you know that saying, don't experiment with cooking when you have company coming over? I didn't head that warning. I slaved away in the kitchen all day to prepare my mother a Mexican luncheon, but don't have much to show for my efforts.

I made beef enchiladas by the boat loads. I tried a new enchilada sauce recipe (bad idea), but it didn't come out the flavor I expected. However, when I put the fixings together, the combination wasn't bad. Since I was going through all the labor of love, I froze half in casserole tins for later I-am-to-tired-to-cook meals.


I also made homemade salsa -- my first ever successful batch. Mine always came out watery. This time I used fresh ingredients and cooked them before putting in the blender. Although I think the blender purees too well. It still taste good. I used serranos instead of jalepenos. Man! Get me the waterhose!


This was a complete flop. I accidentally covered the pot and walked away from the stove. Although it was on very low heat, it still bubbled over. What a complete mess on the stove and then cleaning the pot was another story. I usually make queso in a slow cooker, by throwing Velveta, Rotel Tomatoes, and a splash of milk a few hours before an event. BUT NO! I had to try a new recipe. What a $5 waste of money. It wasn't the recipe's fault. I turned my back on it while it was simmering.


Then I made a blackberry custard so I can put it in out new electric ice cream maker. This is the first time I made ice cream ever. It was also the first time I used my KitchenAid standing mixer. I had to go online to look up how to set up the mixing paddle and bowl. I already had put the milk and sugar over the heat. What wonderful timing to try to figure out how to use an appliance.

Four hours later, the custard is still isn't thickening. Backup plan, homemade peach cobbler. Thank goodness I bought frozen peaches and can make a mean cobbler in no time. YES, we have store bought vanilla ice cream. I bet you my guest are going to want the vanilla. Ha!Ha!


I've never made this side dish either. Started with dried pinto beans. I sorted out all the bad beans. Put the good beans in a pot of cold water. I am soaking the beans over night so no one gets the toots. Ha!Ha! Tomorrow morning, I'll drain the water and put fresh water in. It takes about three hours to cook.


No new recipe. I'll cook this dish tomorrow an hour before every shows up.


Heck, after all the cooking, I didn't have the energy to make them from scratch. I went to our grocery store where they make fresh ones in the bakery. I'll heat them before everyone arrives.


Easy to make. I will let Scott handle making it since he has a good recipe.


I bought a whole bunch of limes. Tonight I am making "simple syrup". Normally, I go the easy route, but mom specifically asked for it, so it thought I would go through the effort and make it special.

Man! My back and feet are killing me! The problem with making yummy food from scratch is that you get a reputation for making certain dishes and then people always want that dish. I guess I will call it an evening and go soak in a hot bubble bath.

Friday, May 11, 2007


God's Answer

God has always been good and provided for us. Sometimes the answer we seek isn't always replied to in the way we thought it should be requested.

When Scott and I were starting out in the early 90's, we were broke. He was in university and I was working a full-time job and a part-time job. We had a tough time financially, I made stupid financial decisions and let my car payment slip. The car was repossessed. Not a proud moment in my life. The sad thing is, I only had a year to pay on it. We need a car so I could get to work. I had to quick my full-time job because it wasn't on the bus line and kept the part-time job. No one would loan me money now that I had a repo on my credit report. I asked God for a car (and I saved up cash while I waited for an answer). Eventually a neighbor let Scott take his old truck and make monthly payments on it. It got us around, but Scott and I had opposite schedules. He fixed computers at people's houses. So, I asked God again for a car. A few months later Scott was on a business call and told me honey, the lady has old VW bug she will sell us for $350, how much do you have saved up? Uhh..$350 -- really weird, aye? It worked, but it was beyond old, it was falling apart.

I had to laugh at God's sense of humor. The bug worked, but the floorboards were rusted out and the seats had no cushion on them. Scott took the back seat out because it was so bad. He welded in a piece of metal on the floorboards and backseat area so nothing would fall through. So I had a two seater "minibug" and used the back seat area to haul the dogs and groceries. He then put on slipcovers on the front seats.

Scott and I always bring up the story about a man who ask God for help as flood waters trap him in his house and eventually surrounds the house and ends up on his roof. He is sent help three time and the man's answer is always "God will provide". Then the man drowns and ask God at the pearly gates why he didn't provide and God replies that he sent three people to help.

So, Scott and I are always on the lookout for the unobvious answer to our questions.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


What I Will Do During the Wait

As Scott and I come up to our year anniversary of LID, we wonder how much longer we have to wait.

We were disheartened to learn only six days were in the most recent referrals. Although, it is better than last month's two days of referrals.

I as talking to my sister-in-law in the summer of 2006 telling her we were buying a weekend house. She mentioned she thought we were adopting, so why are you buying a weekend house. By then we knew the wait was going to be perhaps longer than 12 months and we had adoption money we could spend on an investment property. She could only respond"Oh. Hmmm...funny how things can change quickly in life".

It is true. When we started the international adoption process, we were coming out of being grieved parents of losing an inutero child. No one could have forseen not carrying through a pregnancy, especially when we announced we were going to try to get pregnant. When we announced we were adopting from China, no one could have foreseen the long wait.

I have to say the weekend house has been the best thing to keep our mind off the adoption although our adoption thoughts are always nearby. Not to mention it has been good for our relationship as well. We have remodeling projects planned for the summer which will require more money to spend. I have been doing some fishing which still isn't my favorite thing to do, but allows me to spend time with Scott. I also picked wild blackberries from our neighbor's field the last few weekends.

My personal opinion now is we will get our referral in May of 2008 (24 months). No one flame e-mail me because it is just an opinion. Although I am wishing for a quicker referral than that time frame.

Been thinking of doing:

Some of the things I have been thinking about doing during the wait is taking some real estate classes and getting my real estate license. Other things I have been thinking about doing picking up sewing again. Not that I was really good at it, but I have been wanting to make some curtains for the weekend house. Scott wants to redo the game room and make it into a home theater room. We have had trouble selling the pool table. Looks like a lot of people are wanting to do what we do. Last but not least, keep my blog up to date. On the three and half hour drive home I have a lot of time to think. Some of my thoughts are positive, others are not.

What I have done or doing:

One thing I have done recently is plant some herbs in containers. Not an earth shattering activity, but I have a black thumb. Meaning, I forget to water the plants. I also had Scott buy me new washer and dryer as well as dishwasher. My old appliances went to my grandfather who moved into a house next to my mom and stepdad. I am also looking for a new job. We had a reorganization and I think my job is in jeopardy because my work load has dropped dramatically. Not a good thing when you are an administrator considering those jobs are the first to go. There are lot of senior administrator jobs available, but not at the pay I am currently getting. At least I see the writing on the wall and I am not in denial about not getting laid off. I can act before the ax falls. God has always taken care of us, but usually the answer I receive is not always the one I expected (I'll probably write a blog entry about it soon).

What I won't be doing:

I won't be shopping for baby clothes or baby furniture right now. We also won't be buying a new vehicle unless Scott's vehicle bites the big Oreo. We will probably do these when we get closer to referral. Besides, Scott and I can't agree on a replacement vehicle. I want a minivan, but he wants a huge truck. However, we are in agreement they both suck up too much gas.

Until later.

Sunday, May 06, 2007



I've never picked blackberries before. These were found wild in our neighbor's pasture. It is back breaking work. My first try at this, I was in flip flops, shorts, and short sleeves. I learned that in order to get the good blackberries, I have to wear jeans, boots, and long sleeves.

The picture is from my last trip to the pasture. I think the season is coming to an end because most were shriveled from the heat.

My motto... look (bugs & snakes), listen (for snakes), lean. BUT THEY ARE GOOD and worth the effort.

I have enough to last two or three weekends of cooking. Scott and I washed them, dried them, laid them on cookie sheets, and stuck in the freezer. We then put them plastic seal-o-matic bags to store them in our freezer. I finally get to break in the electric ice cream maker we got for Christmas.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Many First

I started this entry on February 2nd and found it in my drafts. I was re-reading it and it made me smile and chuckle.

As I was looking out the window at the bay, I realized that there have been many "first experiences" since we bought the vacation house.

The first time we actually did without cable for a whole week. We only get two channels. One is decent reception, the other you can hear really well, but get snowy reception. We contemplate getting satellite, but can't justify the cost for 10 days of viewing. Besides, the only time we want to watch TV is during bad weather. Isn't that when satellites have problems? Oh, and we only get six radio stations really well. Out there we get Christian, Country, Oldies and Spanish/Tejano. Personally, not my type of music. I lean more toward pop.

The first time I caught a flounder, sheepshead, and black drum. Scott can't wait until I catch a redfish (also known as a red drum). He says if you catch a big one it is like having your line caught on the bumper of a fast moving car. I'll have to take his word on that because I never rode a bike, skates, skateboard holding on to the bumper of car. Since, I wrote this in February, I have caught a "legal size" redfish. It pulled hard, but not like Scott described it. He told me to wait until I catch a redfish that is larger size, then I will know what it like to get hooked on bumper of a car.

The first time I became interested in doing outdoors type activities. Sometimes we drive 40 miles a way to Matagorda Beach and picnic even though it is the middle of winter. We get the whole beach to ourselves. I am starting to have quite a collection of shells. When my mom heard about my collection she said it didn't surprise her since I used to love to go fossil hunting.

The first time I have been able to talk myself out of buying a new car vehicle because I have the buying bug. I instead reason with myself and ask how I can invest the extra money.

The first time family decided our bay house was a better place to have Thanksgiving than having it in Austin. The family is already talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas 2007. Scott's mom is excited to spending the Christmas holiday on the Texas bay.

The first time Scott and his dad spent more than a few hours together. Just as a bonus he got a chance to meet my family as well as one of Scott's cousin who hadn't seen since he was a toddler. Scott and his dad were not on speaking terms until last April. Scott's dad wasn't around while Scott was growing up and then they briefly met when Scott was in his mid-20's. That visit didn't go to well. Anyway, Scott wanted to tell his dad he forgave him so he wouldn't be a hypocrite asking his own children for forgiveness. His dad was difficult to find, but after a few months of internet searching I finally was able to piece together a few slivers of information. To make a long story short, his dad and I got along well. He mentioned to Scott before departing that Scott married a good woman. Perhaps it was because I didn't judge him and asked him to show me how to cook a few of his favorite dishes.

This was the first Christmas in a decade since Scott's mom had all her children under the same roof with her. Not to say we haven't been under the same room, but it was under Scott's half brother's dad. Yeah, Scott still keeps in touch with his ex-step dad. That was because of me too. I told him he should reach out to his ex-step dad so his half brother wouldn't feel so awkward talking about his dad's family. Apparently, Scott and his ex-step dad had falling out when Scott's mom decided to get a divorce. Scott naturally took his mother's side. Scott and his ex-stepdad had a falling out. However, that is water under the bridge and his ex-step dad now calls on a regular basis. Note: I guess family is very important to me. You can't choose your family, so you make the best of it. My motto is don't cast stones at the glass house. We aren't perfect, so we shouldn't judge our family based on their behaviour. Sometimes they don't act in the most appropriate or civil way. I think Scott has benefited quite a bit from my view on "men" kinfolk. The majority of mine are known to be scoundrels, rakes, gamblers, and drunks. You can't make them change their ways. So, I accept them as is. I can't change them if they don't want to change their ways. Scott says I have a good heart because I always try to see the good in people.

The first time I have seen such a variety species of birds. The coast is a winter nesting ground for several birds. It is quite frustrating to see a bird for the first time and not know what it is. I've seen spoonbills who are white, but their feathers are tinged with various shades of light pink because of all the shrimp they eat. Sandhill cranes which are as huge as ostridges. I've also seens loons, kingfisher, ducks, white pelicans, and brown pelicans. All of these from the outside of my window. I can watch them for hours.

The first time I got to see a wild dolphin up close. I was sitting on the dock (of the bay - bad pun) and had the crap scared out of me. I didn't realize there was a dolphin in the area. I was day dreaming and heard a violent commotion in the water. The dolphin was only a few feet from me when it attacked a school of bait fish. I got a close up look at its face, dorsel, and fins. I love watching them swim in the bay. They do it a lot in the fall, but this winter only a few times. The bay where our house is at is an inner bay, so the water level is usually shallow during the winter.

The first time I experienced life in a really tiny town. It is a challenge to do things that I take for granted in Austin. Such as a variety of furniture or appliance stores, having a drugstore open 24 x 7, stores being open on Sunday, being able to buy a good imported beer, high speed internet, having a Lowes or Home Depot down the road, having more than one channel on TV, having city sewage rather than a septic tank. There are trade offs though. It is a sleepy town with a really nice beach close by. The small town used to have a nice man made beach, but the last hurricane washed most of it away. The town is slowly recovering.

The first time seeing what the chemical plant burnoff looks like at night. This totally scared the crap out of both of us. It was about 7:30 pm on a Saturday night when we heard a boom and felt the ground shake. The shake turned into a low rumble. We looked out the window and saw a bright fire glow in the horizon. We almost packed up and left. It was a few hours later when we realized that there was no danger based on how our neighbors were reacting. Umm..they had no reaction. Nobody was looking out there windows. We felt like total morons.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Two Days Of Referrals

I was so surprised to get that news. October 25 & 26 of 2005 received their referrals.

The slow process is really wishing we went with an agency which deals in other international adoptions. I don't know if we would change countries, but it gives us an option.

I just hope the 2 days doesn't become a trend. I am actually hoping for a double month referral.

Monday, April 02, 2007


Neighbor is PG

I have a neighbor who is about 7 months pregnant. Apparently she is nesting. I was outside letting the dogs do their business and heard jack hammer and scraping noise in her kitchen. I looked over and there was some guys breaking the tile in the kitchen/breakfast nook area. When I looked closer, their whole downstairs tile was being pulled up. The house is only 4 years old.

Mentioning nesting...I too have started to get the nesting itch. Now that I knowwe are 10-12 months from getting our referral (WE HOPE). I have been looking at toddler furniture and thinking of ways to decorate the baby room. My mom even said she would buy the furniture. Since I am not sure if we are getting a boy or a girl, one or two, age one or two, we aren't buying furniture right away. But I am thinking of colors for the bedroom. I'm trying to choose a primary color. I then can choose a secondary color when we know the gender. Pottery Barn Kids catalog is a good springboard for ideas. I love their furniture, but not the prices.

I've also been trying to figure out how I am going to stay home for 3 or 4 months after we get our referral. I will have about 2 months of vacation accrued, but will need to save up money for the remaining months I am off. We won't be able to swing it on Scott's salary alone since we have a weekend house mortgage and new boat to pay for. I am not complaining about the purchases. We knew exactly what we were doing and realized they would complicate my yearning to stay home for a few months to help ourselves and our child adjust. I don't think it is fair that women who are pregnant and work in large companies get 12-16 weeks of paid "medical" leave. It isn't as if all new moms have medical issues for that amount of weeks. New moms don't have to take all that time off, but who is going to balk at paid leave and say "oh, I want to come back 3 weeks after giving birth". Perhaps there are a few, but majority of pregnant women I work with take the whole time off, plus ask for additional leave of absence. It isn't fair.

Okay. Enough complaining. I can't do anything about paid medical leave, but at least I have unpaid FMLA for 12 weeks with job security.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Sick as a Dog

I am sick as a dog today. I thought I would catch up on blogging since I have been ignoring updating my entries and I am confined to my bed.

Scott and I have been keeping ourselves busy with the bay house. I've been decorating the house. Scott has been busy doing home improvement projects and working with contractors to get bids for the huge home improvements projects.

It is really tiring keeping two households. If we spend time keeping one house clean, the other house gets messy. Since the bay house is the smaller house, we choose to keep it clean. However, our city house is a pig pen.

Last weekend we decided to stay home for the weekend and clean the house. I think I found enough dog hair balls to create four new dogs. We also had a friend who was moving give us their stainless steel refrigerator and 64 inch big screen TV. BIG is the magic word for both. Scott had take the screen door off the front of the house to get the refrigerator in. The big screen TV takes up most of the floor space in a small living room.

Yesterday the big screen died. We could get sound, but not a picture.

Scott and I have been really enjoying the bay house. It keeps our minds off the long adoption wait. However, we do say constantly " our daughter will really enjoy (fill in the blank) " or "I wonder how daughter will act on the drive to and from the bay house." We kid each other about the meltdowns during the 3.5 hr drive. I see a minivan with a DVD player in our future.

We are still really anxious to get our referral. Scott's mom renewed her passport and saving up money for the trip. I'm not sure if I mentioned in earlier postings, but Scott's mom is a psychologist who specializes in child attachment. She is going to help us out and be an extra hand. We are really excited to have her go with us. I told my mother not to be offended that we didn't ask her to go. Afterall my mother is really picky about what she eats and is so closed minded to trying anything new. She would be in utter culture shock.

I've been catching up on my blogs. Wow! I've missed quite a bit. The twins have adjusted, the sisters are getting along with each other (most of the time), Johnny and family are in China meeting with their new addition (CONGRATULATIONS!) , Lori and family are trying to keep themselves busy while waiting for their referrals. Ditto for Sandy as well.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Happy New Year

We spent New Year's Eve at the Bay House. Actually, we are still here trying to use up some of our vacation time which we were told has hit maximum accrual. We are trying to keep it at the maximum limit so we can use it for our adoption trip to China and time to stay home with our child. Considering we may not be getting our referral this year, we will just be playing this "using just enough vacation" every few months by taking a day here and there.

Anyway, New Year's Eve passed uneventfully. We sat at our window watching the fireworks the neighborhood children and child like adults were setting off. By 10:30 we could barely keep our eyes open. I guess we are turning into old people. Fortunately, our close by neighbors called it quits by 11:00 and we were able to sleep without any firework noise. We awoke to a new year.

On January 2nd, Scott and I celebrated our 8th year wedding anniversary. Scott barbequed ribs and brisket. It took nearly 12 hours for the meat to finish cooking, but they were oh so tender and yummy.

The fishing has been off this week. Scott hasn't had any bites at all. So, maybe he has to switch his tactics? We aren't familar with the area to know what lures to use during this time of the year. Hopefully it will pick up during the weekend so Scott can go back to work with some fishing stories.

When I get home to faster internet connection, I'll upload some pictures from our trip in Carmel California.

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